Timer Screen

It is possible to run timers that take into account the time allocation in anticipation of exams.

  1. Go to the Settings Screen.

  2. A timer is displayed.

  3. A list of questions is displayed.


  1. “Current Question Number / Total number of questions” is displayed.

  2. The action of tapping changes depending on the characters displayed. See “About the action buttons” below. The outer (lighter colored) line of the circle represents the “Time Remaining for the Exam”. The inner (darker) line represents the “Target Response Time for the Question”.

  3. “Target Time Remaining for Current Question Number / Time Remaining for the Exam” is displayed.

  4. You can pause the timer by tapping it when it has started.

  5. You can end the timer by tapping on it while it is starting.

About the action buttons


  1. Question numbers are displayed.

  2. “Target Response Time Remaining for the Question / Target Response Time for the Question” is displayed.

  3. The question’s targeted time remaining to answer the question is displayed as a bar.

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