Exam Record Details Screen

In this screen you can see the details of the exam record.

Bottom Navigation

  1. An overview of the exam record is displayed.

  2. Your answer record is displayed in a list.

  3. Your answer record is displayed as a graph.

Exam Record Summary

A summary of the exam record is displayed.

  1. The study name is displayed.

  2. The start date and time are displayed.

  3. The end date and time is displayed.

  4. “Number of responses / Total number of questions” is displayed.

  5. “Time to answer / exam time” is displayed.

  6. “Average time to answer each question / Target time per question” will be displayed.

  7. Percentage of correct answers will be displayed.

  8. Tap to display the Checking Answers Screen.

Answer List

Your answer record is listed in answer order.

  1. Question numbers are displayed.

  2. The “Time to Complete the Question (Cumulative Time to Complete the Question) / Target Time to Complete the Question” is displayed.

Answer Record Graph

Your answer record will be displayed as a graph.

  1. Tap to display the menu.
  1. Displayed as a bar chart.

  2. Displayed as a line chart.