Exam Entry Screen

This screen allows you to enter your exam information to create timers and edit the exams you have created.

  1. Tap to save your input.

Basic information

  1. Enter a exam name. This name will appear in the exam list.

  2. Enter the number of questions on the exam.

  3. Enter the time for the exam.

  4. You will see your target answer time per question. This time is calculated by subtracting the “total target solution time per question” below from the “exam time” in 6) and dividing it by the number of questions (average value).

Target answer time for each exam question

You can determine the target time for a specific question number individually. 7) The value shown in the “4)” is the time subtracted from the time entered here.

  1. Tap to add a row.

  2. Enter the question number.

  3. Enter the “Minutes” part of your target answer time.

  4. Enter the “Seconds” part of your target answer time.

  5. Delete the tapped line.