Exam Details Screen

On this screen you can see the content of the exam.

  1. Tap it to display the menu.

Basic Information

  1. The exam title is displayed.

  2. The number of questions on the exam is displayed.

  3. The time of the exam is displayed.

  4. The average time to answer the questions is displayed. Subtract the “Total time to answer each question” below from the “Exam time” in 3) and divide it by the number of questions to get the total time to answer each question.

Target answer time for each exam question

The target response time for a particular question number is displayed; the value displayed in 4) is the time subtracted from the time entered here.

  1. Question numbers are displayed.

  2. The target response time is displayed.

  1. Transition to the Timer Screen.

  2. Move to the Exam Record List Screen to see the list of records so far.

  3. Move to the Exam Entry Screen to edit the content of the exam.

  4. You can delete an exam.