Notification history screen

1. Launch application

The icon and name of the launching application are displayed.

2. Text displayed at notification

Text displayed when notification arrives.

3. Notification date and time

The date and time when the notification arrived is displayed.

4. Actions performed on notifications that occurred

This feature (display) has been discontinued since version 1.1.9.

The action taken for the notification banner is displayed (see below).


Tap notification banner and launch application


Tap the edit button of the notification banner and display Notification plan edit screen


Delete notification banner


Did not do anything for notification banner

5. Update button

Re-read the notification history.

6. Menu

The notification history menu is displayed.

Notification history screen menu

1. Delete collectively

Moves to selection mode. Multiple operations can be done collectively when shifting to selection mode.

2. Delete all

Delete all notification history.

Notification history screen selection mode

1. Exit selection mode button

Exit selection mode.

2. Selection count

The number of notification history currently selected is displayed.

3. Select all button

Select all notification history.

4. Deselect all button

Unselect all notification history.

5. Delete button

Deletes the selected notification history.