Notification plan edit screen

1. Application to be activated

The icon and name of the currently selected application are displayed. When you tap it, Application selection screen is displayed and you can select the application.

If you tap on the notification banner when notification arrives, the application displayed here will be activated.

2. Text to display on notification

Enter the text to be displayed when notification arrives. Since it is possible to enter your favorite contents, it can be used in the form of memo · memorandum · remarks.

3. Change notification plan button

You can disable this notification plan by turning it off. You can use it if you want to temporarily disable this plan.

4. Energy saving mode

If it is set to ON, battery consumption will be less, but notification may not arrive during sleep.

5. Next scheduled notification date and time

Interpret the content of the currently registered notification setting, and the next scheduled notification date and time is displayed.

6. Notification settings

It is a character representation of the contents of notification settings currently registered.

7. Switch notification settings button

You can disable this setting by turning it off. You want to keep the date and time you entered, but now you can use it when you do not need to notify at this time.

8. Notification setting addition button

Tap to add notification settings. Notification setting edit screen is displayed.

9. Delete button

Delete selected notification plan.

10. Save button

Save selected notification plan.