Setting of each apps

if you tap an app’s name on the Installed Apps screen (the first screen that appears when you start this app), the setting screen for each apps will be displayed. You can set different settings for each day of the week.

Timer Setting

The Off Timer

Set the time that can be used continuously for a monitored app. To give an example, if you set the timer as 10 minutes, the app will be shut down 10 minutes after you start using it. If the app is shut down by itself after 8 minutes, it can be used again for 10 minutes.

Waiting time

Set the time until the app can be used again after it has been shut down by the timer function. if you set the timer as 2 hours, you will not be able to use the app for 2 hours after it was shut down by the timer function.

Setting of time limit on screen time

Daily usage limit

You can set a daily usage limit for each apps. Unlike the timer, the limit is based on the cumulative time of the day. The time limit is reset at every midnight.

Setting of time frame limit

Time frame that limits using apps

You can set the time frame when it is not available for each apps.

You can set some time frames within the day.

if you want to delete a registered time frame, swipe target time frame right ot left on settimg screen of time frame limit.

If you set the start and end time of the limitation to same value (e.g. 01:00 – 01:00), you will not be able to use the function for 24 hours.