Group setting

Add group

You can add a group by tapping the “+” button at the bottom right of the group list screen and registering the group name.

Group list

When you tap “Group List” on the screen that is displayed first when starting this application, the currently registered group is displayed. When you tap a group, the setting screen for each group is displayed.

How to use the group setting screen

Group name setting

You can edit the group name.


You can edit the application to put in the group. The one with a check on the right side will be the application currently in the group.

Limit Settings

Limit per day

For each group, you can set usage limit time for the day. Unlike the timer function, it becomes a limit on the cumulative time of the day. It is reset at 0 o’clock every day.

Time zone during which use of the application is restricted

Time zone for disabling the application

For each group, you can set a time zone that can not be used. Multiple time zones can be set within one day. If you want to delete the registered time zone, swipe the target time zone to the right or left on the time zone limit setting screen.

Remove group

Tap the trash can icon at the top right to delete the group.