How to use

Before using

In order to grasp the use situation of other applications, App Off Timer needs to be set so that you can access the use history of other applications. When the application is started for the first time, a dialog will be displayed. Click the OK button and turn on the setting of “App Off Timer” on the “Apps with usage access” screen. If this setting is not ON, each function of App Off Timer will not operate properly. You can also set “Apps with usage access” screen from Settings > Security > Apps with usage access of your smartphone.

How do I set a “timer” or “usage limit per day”?

It is necessary to set the timer function and setting of the usage limit per day for each application. When you tap the application you want to set on the installation application list screen, the setting screen for each application is displayed, so make the settings there. If it is set correctly, you can check the setting contents on the installation application list screen.

Settings per app