Notification plan list screen

1. Next scheduled notification date and time

Interpret the contents of multiple notification settings currently registered, and the nearest next scheduled notification date and time is displayed.

2. Application to be activated

The icon and name of the currently selected application are displayed. Tap on the notification banner when notification arrives, the application displayed here will be activated.

3. Text to be displayed on notification

Text to be displayed when notification arrives.

4. Item menu button

A menu for the tapped notification plan is displayed.

5. Change notification plan button

You can disable this notification plan by turning it off. This can be useful if you want to disable this plan temporarily.

6. Next scheduled notification date and time

Interpret the content of the currently registered notification setting, and the next scheduled notification date and time is displayed.

7. Notification settings

It is a character representation of the contents of notification settings currently registered.

8. Switch notification setting button

You can disable this setting by turning it off. You want to keep the date and time you entered, but now you can use it when you do not need to notify at this time.

9. Open / close button of notification setting

Toggle display / non-display of currently registered notification settings.

10. New registration button

Notification plan edit screen is displayed.

11. Open and Close Buttons of Notification Settings at Once

Toggle display / non-display of notification settings for all notification plans currently registered.

12. Menu button

A menu about notification plan is displayed.

Notification plan list screen menu

1. Enable all

Enable all notifications.

2. Disable all

Disable all notifications.

3. Select

Move on to selection mode. Moving on selection mode allows you to perform multiple operations at once.

Notification plan list screen selection mode

1. Exit selection mode button

Exit selection mode.

2. Number of selections

The number of notification plans currently selected is displayed.

3. Select all buttons

Select all notification plans.

4. Deselect all buttons

Deselect all notification plans.

5. Select all buttons

A menu about the selection mode is displayed.

6. Display of selection status

Those whose background is yellow is the notification plan currently selected.

Notification plan list screen selection mode menu

1. Enable selected items

Enable notifications for selected notification plan.

2. Disable selected items

Disable the notification of the selected notification plan.

3. Delete selected items

Move the selected notification plan to the trash can.